A Marketing Guide To Attracting A Bobo!

Just imagine as a fresh and fine babe that you are, and you are on your way to a party where you hope to mingle and find a sweet guy of the cat fish and peppered sauce type.

You’re super smart, successful, and funny.  So you’re confident that you’ll have no problem starting a conversation.

Like Yo!  I got this.

But when you arrive, the party is full of other people who are just as fresh, funny, and successful as you.


Nobody is paying any attention to you, and you spend the entire night trying to get anybody to talk to you.

You got home and realized that you didn’t even get to exchange digits.


Don’t worry; it’s not you

— it’s them. LOL

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Imagine going to that same party, but because of your connections and you did research, you already know that the most handsome person at the party is a pilot, takes pride in travelling and they’ve kinda got a thing for a fresh girl.

You’d know exactly how to build rapport by asking about their interests.

Knowing your audience can take you from being just another face in the crowd to being the most interesting person in the room.

The same thing goes for your business, determine a target audience.